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This is a scene directly from the second episode of the Clerks cartoon where Dante and Randal are
locked in a freezer (then later, in RST) and they reminisce about their pasts. I spent over a few months on it
(on and off) and drew everything from scratch.

Being a huge Kevin Smith fan, this was inevitable. I made it after I watched the Clerks animated show after
not seeing it since it aired on ABC. I'm very proud of this one as it is probably the best I have done so far.
I posted it on Newgrounds.com and it recieved high ratings. (It would have been number 2 or the top 5 that
day if the server hadn't crashed) . I emailed View Askew and asked if it was okay if I put the cartoon on sites, or if they thought it was copyright infringment. I got a reply back and they said it was just fine and even posted it on their news site! They did call me a 'he' but I was so excited that they could have called me a horse riding badger for all I cared. That's when I was really proud of it

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